Sunday 25 December 2022

Xlog serves any files under current directory with exception of markdown files being accessed without .md extension and converted to HTML.

Besides that it serves files from embded files in the program from the core package or extensions.

Overriding asset files

Embded files are the last resort when looking up a file so to override an asset file you just need to put it in the same path in the current directory. that’s all. that simple.

Building assets while developing Xlog


  • The only JS Xlog core uses is downloaded to public/js
  • A script in cmd/js download the needed files


  • Xlog used to have a Go script to compile CSS/SASS to public/style.css.
  • That changed to depend on Webpack in this commit 38c8171
  • So chdir to cmd/assets and either build with yarn build or watch changes yarn watch