official extensions
Saturday 27 May 2023

Defined under /extensions sub package. each extension is a subpackage. All extensions are imported by default in cmd/xlog/xlog.go.

Extension Description
ActiviyPub Implements webfinger and activityPub actor and exposing pages as activitypub outbox
Autolink Shorten a link string so it wouldn’t take unnecessary space
Autolink pages Convert a page name mentions in the middle of text to a link
Custom CSS Allow to add custom CSS file to the head of the page
Date Detects dates and converts them to link to a page which lists all pages mentions it
Disqus Add Disqus comments after the view page if -disqus flag is passed
Emoji Emoji autocomplete while editing
File operations Add a tool item to delete and rename current page
Github Adds “Edit on github” quick action
Hashtags Add support for hashtags #hashtag syntax
HTML Considers HTML files as pages. supports (html, htm, xhtml)
Images Display consecutive images in columns beside each other instead of under each other
Embed Adds a shortcode to embed one page in another page
Link preview Preview tweets, Facebook posts, youtube videos, Giphy links
Manifest adds manifest.json to head tag and output proper JSON value.
MathJax Support MathJax syntax inline using $ and blocks using $$
Mermaid Support for MermaidJS graphing library
Opengraph Adds Opengraph meta tags for title, type, image
Pandoc Use pandoc to render documents in other formats as pages like Org-mode files
PGP PGP key ID to decrypt and edit .md.pgp files using gpg. if empty encryption will be off
RSS Provides RSS feed served under /+/feed.rss and added to the header of pages
RTL Fixes text direction for RTL languages in the view page
Recent Adds an item to footer to list all pages ordered by last modified page file.
Search Full text search
Shortcode adds a way for short codes (one line and block)
Sitemap adds support for sitemap.xml for search engine crawling
Star Star pages to pin them to footer
Todo allow toggle checkboxes while viewing the page without going to edit mode
Upload file Add support for upload files, screenshots, audio and camera recording
Versions Keeps list of pages older versions