Custom installation
Tuesday 10 January 2023

Xlog ships with a CLI that includes the core and all official extensions. There are cases where you need custom set of extensions:

  • Maybe you need only the core features without any extension
  • Maybe there is an extension that you don’t need or want or misbehaving
  • Maybe you developed a set of extensions and you want to include them in your installations

Here is how you can build your own custom xlog with features you select.

Creating a Go module

Create a directory for your custom installation and initialize a go module in it.

1mkdir custom_xlog
2cd custom_xlog
3go mod init

Main file

Then create a file xlog.go for example with the following content

 1package main
 3import (
 4	// Core
 5	""
 7	// All official extensions
 8	_ ""
11func main() {
12	xlog.Start()

Selecting extensions

The previous file is what xlog ships in cmd/xlog/xlog.go if you missed up at any point feel free to go back to it and copy it from there.

If you want to select specific extensions you can replace extensions/all line with a list of extensions that you want.

All extensions are imported to extensions/all/all.go. feel free to copy any of them as needed.

You can also import any extensions that you developed at this point.

Running your custom xlog

Now use Go to run your custom installation

1go get
2go run xlog.go