Saturday 14 January 2023

📼 Xlog is a static site generator for digital gardening written in Go. It serves markdown files as HTML and allows editing files online. It focuses on enriching markdown files and surfacing implicit links between pages.

Xlog is a result of trying to build an offline personal knowledgebase with the ability to autolink pages together automatically. Without depending on proprietary file format or online service.

🏃 Quick Start

1go install
2mkdir new-site
3cd new-site
5# => Now browse to http://localhost:3000

Core Features

Has a list of tools defined by extensions. triggered with Ctrl+K Supports Emojis, The first Emoji is considered the icon of the page and displayed beside the title
Dark theme and Light theme Support Todo lists, Shows task list (Done/Total tasks) beside page link
Support MathJax format Autopair parenthesis/brackets


🏁 Getting started

📜 Principles

  • Uses the file system. No databases required
  • Minimal design and dependencies
  • Small core, flexible enough for developers to extend it.
  • Avoid adding syntax to markdown, instead enhance how existing syntax is rendered

📖 Documentation

  • This website serves as end user documentation and developer entry point for developing extensions
  • There is also a Go package documentation that you can use to understand what xlog expose as public API

💡 Tutorials


You can help Xlog in many ways:

  • Create a new extension
  • Improve the core codebase
  • Package it for different operating systems or different Linux distribution

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Community


Xlog is released under MIT license